VoicePark™ is the world's most advanced hands-free parking management system. VoicePark™ guides you by voice, turn-by-turn, to the nearest available parking spot using real-time information refreshed every 8 seconds. Currently, VoicePark™ 1.0 is in use only in San Francisco. However, it will soon be available in over 50 cities in early 2012. VoicePark™ is authorized to utilize SFpark pioneering technology and will guide you by voice to 19,250 parking spaces in 8 pilot areas in San Francisco. Version 1.1 of VoicePark™ will add approximately 75,000 parking spaces to choose from across San Francisco, quadrupling what other systems currently make available. Version 1.2 of VoicePark™ will add 50 new cities around the world in early 2012. Version 1.3 of VoicePark™ will add San Francisco's 21,000 remaining metered parking spots, and a large number of unmetered spots.