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"This toolbox of a book will truly help you find those sweet parking spots, LaBua has thought of everything from "meter-ology", and "parking sign" language, to "tow-woes", cheerfully counseling you in parking savvy.

The friendly format reveals a system of order that helps navigate the parking system of San Francisco peacefully and effectively. With tongue-in-cheek-charm and a crisp writing style (that would make E.B. White smile) David has created a little gem of a book that will be indispensable to anyone who ever has to drive and park in San Francisco."

Susan Wooldrige, Author of Poem Crazy and Fools' Gold
Warning: Parking in San Francisco may cause irritability, heart palpitations, acute anxiety, stomach pains, arguments with loved ones, nausea, and/or diarrhea. Should any of these symptoms last for more than ten days, please consult a physician and order a copy of Finding the Sweet Spot.
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