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KCBS Radio About the Bay w/ Mike Sugerman      02/23/09
KFOG, KNBR, KSAN - The Beat of the Bay      02/21/09
KGO Radio Evening Newsstory by Katy Lever      12/20/08
"With tongue-in-cheek-charm and a crisp writing style (that would make E.B. White smile) David has created a little gem of a book that will be indispensable to anyone who ever has to drive and park in San Francisco."
Finding the Sweet Spot is literally worth its weight in gold. Not only has it saved me hundreds of dollars in DPT parking fines, but also has saved me time, and quite possibly my marriage.
SF Examiner             03/20/09
"When I first heard about it, I thought there was no way that somebody could write an entire book about parking in San Francisco. But this guy has actually done it. This is a cool little book!"
- Greg Sherwood, KQED Radio
"We didn't believe him so we put LaBua and Finding the Sweet Spot to the test...and he did it!"
- NBC Bay Area News
“David came by Green Apple to see if we could carry his guide to all things parking in San Francisco, and in no time, he had a small crowd gathered around him...Finding the Sweet Spot is an incredibly thorough and well-researched book.”
- Kevin Ryan, Green Apple Bookstore SF
- Susan Wooldridge, Author of Fool's Gold
"I received this book as a "gag gift" as I have become notorious among my entourage for collecting parking tickets in SF...I have put my new knowledge to use and I have since then not only been ticket-free but I save precious time every day looking for a spot. It's definitely worth its weight in parking tickets, return on investment guaranteed."
- Phil Franchute, San Francisco
This book made me laugh out loud while imparting wisdom about SF parking and life. Seemingly dry material became fascinating. And, I learned that there is a parking debit card that I can get instead of looking for quarters. Also, the website is great. Videos with outrageous parking calamities. And, updates on parking info. I heard about this book when the author was interviewed on the radio. He has really reasearched this info and is charmingly funny.
- L. Goode, Marin County
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- Cecille De Bressant, SF
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